Saco River Employment

  • Want to work for an employer who prioritizes a family-friendly environment?
  • Looking to join with a group of employees who spend much of their days in the great outdoors in one of New Hampshire’s most scenic and fun towns?

Then you’re ready for Saco River Family Camping, one of the top family camping destinations in New Hampshire.

SRCA-tree At Saco River Family Camping, we’re focused on providing our campers with a first rate, safe, exciting, and adventurous camping destination they can enjoy with their loved ones.  We want all of our employees to share in our wonderful camping grounds. Our employees are excited and thrilled to work here with us.

And why wouldn’t they be, with so many amenities and scenery surrounding our picturesque campsite?
If you think you have the excitement, passion, and desire to work with one of the best campgrounds in the New Hampshire area,  take a look at our available positions today, or contact Saco River Family Camping for more employment services.  We’d be delighted to schedule an interview with you based on your qualifications and our available positions.

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Our Guest Service Team Members are front and center with our guests. Your smile and ability to help our campers with their needs is job number one for you. We love happy campers!

So here’s some of the duties you’ll be responsible for as a Guest Services Team Member:

  • Greeting Guests and Visitors…..with a smile and a big welcome.
  • Check-in and Check-out
  • Reservations
  • Answering phones
  • Responding to emails
  • Stocking of store
  • Cleaning …..we like things spotless
  • Store sales
  • Helping guests and visitors find their campsites
  • Activity Rentals
  • Tractor Rides
  • Doing whatever is needed to ensure we have happy guests

Now here are some of the preferred attributes for our Guest Services Team Members to have:

  • An infectious smile
  • Positive Attitude
  • Good listener
  • Patience
  • Great writing and oral skills.
  • Experience with reservation and POS systems is preferred
  • 2 or more years in the hospitality industry
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Internet Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Chrome
  • Ability to work well independently or as part of a team

Do you enjoy being outdoors and working with your hands?  We are looking for a Property Maintenance Team Member  for Saco River Family Camping. You will help us ensure Saco River Family Camping grounds, equipment and buildings are kept looking well-tended and attractive.  Help make Saco River Family Camping  the kind of place that guests love to come to. Property Maintenance Team Members perform a variety of building and landscaping maintenance duties to ensure Saco River Family Camping is well-maintained and look presentable at all times.  Team members also work to ensure our guests receive top quality customer service at all times.

So here’s some of the more specific duties you’ll be responsible for as a Property Maintenance Team Member:

  • Ensure lawns are manicured to our high standards. Weeding, rake leaves, plant flowers/shrubs, spread mulch/woodchips/stones, trim shrubs and hedges, cut down and remove small tree limbs , and perform other lawn care services as necessary
  • Plant tree’s and shrubs.
  • Install or repair fences.
  • Pick up trash/debris from common areas, store, bath houses, sites and streets on a daily basis.
  • Empties common area trash containers as needed.
  • Ensure campground is presentable at all times and adheres to Saco River Family Camping curb appeal standards.
  • Ensure camp sites are clean and fully operational.
  • Maintain  pool, testing chemical levels, adjusting appropriately.
  • Safely operate vehicles for the purpose of performing job duties.
  • Maintain all campground buildings and services.
  • Maintain community vehicles and equipment.
  • Follow safety procedures while performing duties
  • Handle LP gas filling and sales
  • Setup guest activities and run activity rentals
  • Canoe, Tube and Kayak transportation and management
  • Other duties and special projects as assigned

As a Property Maintenance Team Member, you must be hard-working, reliable and focused on providing exceptional customer service.  You should also be organized and detail-oriented with the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
Now here are some of the attributes that sought for this position:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Previous maintenance experience in the hospitality industry
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and broad experience in general maintenance techniques
  • Ability to endure seasonal temperatures as working conditions require constant outdoor work
  • Strong carpentry, plumbing and/or electrical skills
  • Valid driver’s license with good driving record
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check and pre-hire drug screen
  • Proficient skills in operating various hand tools, power equipment, and commercial machinery
  • Ability to provide legible written reports
  • Ability to work well independently as well as on a team
  • Ability to lift  75 pounds
  • Basic computer proficiency, including the ability to use email and the internet

Thank you for your interest in employment at Saco River Family Camping. We are currently offering the opportunity to join our team in the beautiful white mountains of North Conway, NH. We are scouting for Workampers from all over the US.

We are excited to be offering this great opportunity to hardworking individuals who posses a multitude of strengths that may fit in many different areas of our campground. With that being said, we do need to be sure you (the Workamper) understand just how important your role with us will be. Being a Workamper is just as it sounds, WORK first and camp second. The roles of the  Workamper are full-time and involves making the camping area and our guests your highest priority of the camping season. This means we require a lot of flexibility with job duties, hours, etc.. . While here the needs of the campground and that of its guests must come first.

We are mainly a transient campground. Meaning, we do not have seasonals  and instead see a large turnover of guests throughout each week.

We have discovered many Workampers are unaware of the demands that a high end, fast paced campground like ours requires. If you’ve Workamped before, we’re probably different.  If you’re anticipating physical labor and loads of hard work then please read on… Each spring starts with a big list of projects and tasks to get us up and running. Everything from cleaning up the property from the winter, to supporting our ever-growing infrastructure, to repairing sites, placing and setting up our rental fleet of trailers to a variety of construction and landscaping projects, the list is long and varied and requires significant effort as we race against the clock to get ready for our guests. We promise, you’ll use all of your skills and hopefully have fun doing it. We often kid, if you ever worried about staying in shape– don’t,  keeping up this place is like a free gym membership 😉.

Saco River Family Camping is located in the heart of North Conway, just walking distance to many popular  stores and a quick drive to many of area attractions. We are one of the most desirable campgrounds in North Conway located on the Saco River. We have over 200 sites and as you will find, we stay full for the majority of our peak season. We regularly have 100 check-ins or more in a single day, and more often than not, people from all over tend to stop in as walk-ins. As such, you can expect to be on your feet many hours per day. We do our best to be sure we are there to greet each and everyone of our incoming guests. Providing the guest with an amazing experience and making it easy to do business with us will be your priority.  When working at Saco River Family Camping, we ask that you understand what you are signing up for before choosing to come on board. You are signing up to join a great team of diverse people and to provide those who wish to visit a home away from home. You will be expected to put the needs of the camping area as your top priority for this entire season. You are expected to be a flexible team player, a problem solver, hard working and a great addition to our small community. You will be setting the bar and we ask that you be ready to work with the entire team and refrain from the kind of behaviors that can detract from the family friendly and positive  atmosphere. We expect you to mentor and welcome those who are newly brought aboard to join our team, just as you would for your own family members. We ask that you be as friendly and accommodating on the last hour of your shift as you were at the start and that you always treat the guests with respect and concern for their needs, even if you do not agree with them.

We make no bones about it, we ask A LOT of our staff, both day commuters and Workampers alike, but we give a lot too. We offer industry leading pay and benefits along with a great work environment. With this said, we hope your interested in being part of our team.

This  list of Frequently Asked Questions below will help you to determine if you would like to take the next step and complete an Application for Employment.

Work Camper Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a bad back or other physical ailment – will that impact my ability to work here?

Working here is physical. Even in our store you’ll be on your feet for many hours, up and down stairs, walking a lot, carrying heavy things and more.

May I choose my site?
The Workamper sites are chosen and assigned by the Campground manager and are scattered throughout the park. This allows us to have a Workamper presence in each section of the campground.

What utilities are included with my site?
Your site includes your site, CATV, water, sewer, and wireless internet service. The electric is 110V, 30AMP, and 50 AMP.

What type of Rig must I have in order to Work camp  Saco River Camping Area?
Workampers may live in any size RV or motor home; however, we do not allow Workampers in Pop ups or tents. We do not feel these meet the needs of a long term camper as is required when work camping.

May my family come to visit?
You are more than welcome to have family visit, but there are stipulations. No one may come and stay for more than a week and you are NEVER permitted to have more than (6) people on your site at any one time. Family members MUST be immediate family meaning children, spouses, parents, or siblings. Any extended family members are asked to book a site of their own. When you have family in town, you are expected to do you job as usual and not “Stop by” your site for frequent visits and conversation.

If we work camp as a couple, will we have the same hours and same days off?
Typically, the answer to this question is, “Yes.” However, as stated in on our opening page, the number one priority when scheduling staff is the NEEDS OF THE CAMPGROUND. Therefore, we will try to yield to shift requests when presented, but we cannot and will not guarantee certain days and certain hours. We simply cannot do this and run the campground effectively.

Does the campground maintain my site?
No, all Workampers are responsible for keeping their site clear of debris and the grass cut and weed whacked. You are permitted to borrow our push mower and weed eater, but they must be returned in the condition in which they were borrowed.

What am I permitted to have on my site?
You are permitted your RV unit, and a shade structure. A patio set or hammock is also allowed. Nothing else is permitted other than the picnic table and fire ring which are provided.

 What are some typical Workamper chores?
These are as varied and can include any of the following: construction projects,  firepit replacement, grounds keeping, weeding, grass cutting, bathhouse cleaning, pool maintenance, camp hosting, security duty, shuttle driving, reservations clerk, concierge attendant, store clerk, activity staff, kayak/tube/canoe rentals, housekeeping, plumbing, basic electrical, check ins and check outs on rental units, trash pickup, and overall campground maintenance. When and if you complete an application for employment, you will be asked about preferences and special skills. Again, we try to schedule according to preferences, but our staff is asked to do anything needed to keep our guests happy.

Are we permitted to have a shed on site?
Sheds are not permitted

What dates should we plan to arrive and depart?
The majority of our Workampers arrive the last weekend of April and typically work through the end of October. However, we have some positions which start as late as June and end as early as  September.