With fall around the corner, the crisp autumn air provides campers with something to look forward to. If you haven’t yet had a chance to camp this year and want to before winter sets in, it’s time to book your space at Saco River Camping Area. There is plenty to look forward to during the latter months of the year. After all, you’ll experience the Great Outdoors while the leaves are changing color and the temperatures are perfect for roasting marshmallows over the campfire.

Four reasons why you should consider camping in the fall include:

1. The stars are more brilliant during the colder weather.

If you love astronomy or staring at the sky at night, you’ll notice how much brighter the glowing orbs are. In fact, fall’s cool temps produce the perfect setting for stargazing.

2. You can snuggle up in your sleeping bag without feeling like you’re roasting inside your tent.

There’s a different type of feeling that comes with camping in cool weather and camping during the hottest days of summer. You’ll be more comfortable and may even find it a bit chilly sleeping outdoors.

3. There isn’t the type of crowds you’ll find in the summer.

Fewer families are on vacation during the latter months of the year. That means less crowding and more privacy.

4. You won’t get sunburned while exploring the campground.

With milder weather to deal with, you can spend time outdoors without burning to a crisp. In fact, you may need to pack a sweater or a flannel to deal with the cool air comfortably.

Fall camping is cooler and less crowded. There isn’t the rush to get the kids back in time for school, either, because they’ve already started class. You can enjoy better temperatures, fewer sunburns, and close-knit family time with greater ease. It’s an option for you to consider that brings a lot of value to your life as well as incredible memories shared with your family.