No moment beats spending your night under a sky speckled with stars accompanied by the scent of pines, sounds of harmless insects and birds, and the swoosh of the river. However, the spectacular sights and remarkable moments won’t make up for the freezing temperatures you can experience at night during the winter. Here are expert tips to guide you on how to winterize your camping game this winter.


1. Ensure You Stay Dry

Wet clothes will easily lower your body temperatures. Unlike air, water is a better heat conductor. Therefore, ensure you stay dry to maintain your body temperature. Avoid activities that can dangerously cool you down in the long run through sweating, which will make your clothes wet. In such instances, it is recommendable to limit perspiration through peeling off some layers. Also, remember that wet feet consequently mean frozen feet. This winter, leave those trail runners at home and get waterproof boots. 


2. Hot Coffee

Cold mornings are the highlight of any winter camping trip. Getting out of that comfy sleeping bag will always be the hardest part. However, hot coffee will make this a less daunting task. You will only need a heat source, a pot of water, and a tablespoon of grounded coffee to make this magic winter drink. Among some of the benefits of a hot cup of coffee is that it will help you kick start your day on a high note. As such, this will give you the energy to easily take on the camping activities.


3. Layer Up

The essential requirement for living through winter camping is getting a close-fitting base layer that is vital in trapping the body heat. Ensure you pack an insulating layer that you can easily take on and off as you warm and cool down during the day. A lightweight fleece or your favorite woolen sweater will easily ensure you are warm during your camping period. The outermost layer should be able to protect you from rain, snow, and wind. Therefore, ensure you pack weather-proof clothing before you leave for camping. You should avoid carrying cotton clothes during winter camping. Cotton easily absorbs moisture. Surprisingly, wet cotton will easily cool you down faster than staying naked in the cold.


4. Where do You Plan to Camp during this Winter Holiday?

Settling for the wrong campsite can easily spoil your long-planned camping period. One of the guiding principles when selecting the campsite is whether it shelters you from the elements. You should avoid tops of hills where you can be directly exposed to winds and hill bottoms where cold air troughs commonly form. Instead, you should settle for a flat camping site that has most of the essential facilities in its proximity. Ensure that the tent is well pitched and that the door is positioned perpendicularly to the prevailing winds.

By following these tips, you will likely get the most out of your camping this winter. You can make the camping more fun by tagging along with your family, friends, or your favorite pet if the camping site allows pets.