Getting away from it all has long been something that people have done for centuries. Ever since Thoreau wrote the classic, Walden, the Great Outdoors has been highly regarded for its simplicity as well as its ability to heal. There’s something therapeutic of stripping down the number of possessions you have access to and spending 24/7 outdoors. Even with mobile phone service and free campsite Wi-Fi, you’re still limited to what you can do online.

It doesn’t matter how carefully you plan a trip, expect the unexpected. Having a plan in mind when things go awry allows you to move past them quickly. You’re not forced to deal with faulty camping equipment or sleep in the damp clothing because you weren’t prepared enough.

The following suggestions cover five quick fixes to common camping problems.

Fix #1: Your tent sprung a leak.

Carry a tent repair kit with you every time you camp. Learn how to quickly patch up any rips or holes you see. Seal them with waterproof sealant and call it a day. If the tent becomes unrepairable at some point, make sure to replace it before your next camping trip.

Fix #2: The food in your cooler spoiled in the hot sun.

Although it’s a bummer to waste food, Saco River Camping Area does have a Country Store to shop. You’ll find many delicious items to eat while you’re camping. If we don’t carry something you need, you can always go into town and shop a larger supermarket for the foods you want to prepare.

Fix #3: Your family has worn all their clean clothes.

Our laundry facilities make it easy for you to fully wash and dry the clothing that you have with you on your trip. We even sell laundry detergent onsite. It’s a small inconvenience that is easily remedied. Make sure you bring a spare roll of quarters with you in the event you need to pay for the washing machine or dryer.

Fix # 4: The rain won’t let you do your planned activities at the campgrounds.

Put on your rain poncho, jump in the car, and find an indoor activity in town to do. It’s either that or spending time in the tent watching a movie or playing games. Either way, you can still have a blast with a little adjustment to your schedule.

Fix # 5: Your tent feels unbearably hot.

If you have access to a fan, it helps circulate air quickly. If you don’t, there are a few other things you can do to cool down the tent. You can open the mesh windows to allow air to flow. Another option is to take down the tent completely and move it to a spot that isn’t directly in the sun if possible.

Now you’ve got some ways to fix the things that potentially go wrong while camping. That means that you’ll have a smoother, more enjoyable experience overall. You don’t concern yourself with the small things that don’t really matter. Instead, you’ll create long-lasting memories with your family and friends and come home from the trip feeling rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated.