Get One Last Camping Trip in Before It’s Back to School for the Kids

With fall fast approaching, the time to camp is now. Your children will be going back to school before you know it. That’s why it’s important for you to consider how much time you have between now and then. There is so much you can do in the meantime with your kids. Here are some […]

5 Common Camping Issues and How to Overcome Them Quickly

Getting away from it all has long been something that people have done for centuries. Ever since Thoreau wrote the classic, Walden, the Great Outdoors has been highly regarded for its simplicity as well as its ability to heal. There’s something therapeutic of stripping down the number of possessions you have access to and spending […]

Planning a Friend Getaway That Involves Camping

What could be more fun than getting a group of your best girlfriends together to go camping? Hollywood loves the unpredictability of a Girlfriend Getaway. Rather than watch the plot unfold on the big screen, why not create your own magical adventure by planning a vacation for just you and your favorite females? It’s a […]

The Best Apps Available for Solo Travelers and Campers

woman hiking with backpack along top of a hill

So, you want to travel solo? How exciting! Rather than travel with a party of people, you’ve decided to go exploring on your own in hopes of having the adventure of a lifetime. You’re in for a real treat because as a solo traveler, you call all the shots by determining where you go, how […]

4 Things You Don’t Want to Forget to Do Before Camping

camping gear and notebook on a table

If you’ve ever rushed to a travel destination only to find out you forgot to do some of the things that you planned to do, you know how bad it feels. You can’t concentrate on the things going on around you because you’re worried about what’s going on at home. If this sounds like you, […]

Organizing a Group Camping Trip the Easy Way

camping gear on the ground behind a vehicle, family setting up a tent

Camping with a group of people requires a bit more planning than camping solo. It’s important that you consider the different needs of the people that camp with you. That way, everyone has an equal chance of having a good time. No one feels bored or left out because you didn’t take the time to […]

The Best Camping Resources for Newbie Campers

two men and two women hiking through the forest

Newbie campers have a lot to look forward to. Not only are they given a wealth of options to choose from, but the newness of engaging in an activity that they’ve yet to experience is also incredibly exciting. Still, there comes the responsibility of planning a successful camping trip. While fun, it can be overwhelming […]