Camping with a group of people requires a bit more planning than camping solo. It’s important that you consider the different needs of the people that camp with you. That way, everyone has an equal chance of having a good time. No one feels bored or left out because you didn’t take the time to consider how they feel or their abilities to do the activities you have planned.

Here is how to organize a group camping trip the easy way:

Choose dates for your visit to Saco River Camping Area.

Select a timeframe where you know everyone in your party can travel without reservation. A good time to do this is right after the kids get let out of school for summer break.

Reserve your space.

Be sure to contact the campground with your request as early as possible to ensure that there is enough room for everyone in your group to camp comfortably. Note how many people will be staying in RVs and tents.

Select the transportation that you want to take as a group.

If you’re traveling from one location, it may be best to rent a mini van or large sports utility vehicle to transport everyone to the campground. If people in your group live long distances away from you, they can organize their own transportation and agree to meet you at the campgrounds by a certain date and time.

Send out reminders in the group you created online.

Use Facebook to form a group that you use for updates. Send out a reminder prior to the trip’s departure date for reference purposes. Use the group to communicate different needs and pointers with other people traveling with you.

Plan your activities.

Give everyone a range of choices of things to do. Appoint a chaperone or buddy for every child you have with you. Doing so helps prevent them from wandering off and changing the course of your camping trip.

Travel to the campground and set up.

The last step is to actually travel and set up your tent or RV. Having group meetings and dinners is a great way to bond. You can even make it a point to do some activities together throughout the day.

Organize a group camping trip the easy way. You’ve got options that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. By strategically checking tasks and duties off your list prior to the launch of your trip, you ensure that a fun time will be had by all. That’s what camping is all about, right? Strengthening the bonds with the people you travel with and creating a lifetime of memories in the process.