What could be more fun than getting a group of your best girlfriends together to go camping? Hollywood loves the unpredictability of a Girlfriend Getaway. Rather than watch the plot unfold on the big screen, why not create your own magical adventure by planning a vacation for just you and your favorite females? It’s a great way to engage in some ‘me-time’ away from the family.

How to Get Your Girls On Board

The first challenge of planning a girlfriend camping trip is to make sure that everyone’s schedules line up. That way, you’re not forced to leave anyone out. Letting your girlfriends know the date of the trip in advance allows them to make arrangements as soon as possible. It makes it easier for groups of friends to travel together without needing to take multiple vehicles.

Decide Who Will Stay with Whom

You may want to bring a few tents capable of hosting several people together in one space. Or, someone may have a camper or RV they want to bring. Whatever the case may be, you’re going to need to decide who will stay with whom so you can book the appropriate number of campsites. Again, knowing who is able to attend your Girlfriend Getaway in advance helps you plan for the event with greater ease.

Hammer Out the Details

This is where things get really fun. Now that you’ve got sleeping arrangements taken care of, you’ll want to think about the things you can do together as a group. There are plenty of fun activities to get involved with at the campgrounds and around town as well. Choose a few that you think everyone will love and make sure to give your girlfriends the go-ahead to explore the area on their own.

Make Saco River Camping Area Part of Your Most Cherished Memories

Give your girlfriends something fun to look forward to. Get them out of the city and under the stars this summer. A Girlfriend Getaway at Saco River Camping Area offers days of excitement and adventure. Create long-lasting memories with the women you love most. Reserve a few campsites today and start planning your getaway!