With fall fast approaching, the time to camp is now. Your children will be going back to school before you know it. That’s why it’s important for you to consider how much time you have between now and then. There is so much you can do in the meantime with your kids.

Here are some tips that will help you plan a last-minute trip to Saco River Camping Area:

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive back home.

That way, if something happens to delay your trip, the kids don’t miss the first few days of school. If your vehicle were to break down or a family member was to fall ill and require hospitalization, you most likely won’t make it back on time. Give yourself a few buffer days for traveling so that it isn’t an issue.

Plan fun activities that you’re not able to do during the school year.

It’s going to be nearly impossible to swim, fish or even play laser tag because of the busy lives you and your children live. Between sports practices and dance classes, you can’t squeeze another thing in. Make it a point to do as many fun things as you can before the summer ends.

Do what you can to document the experience.

Take tons of photos, record videos, and create a family camping scrapbook together. Share your experiences with your relatives and friends online. You won’t regret all the memory-making you’re currently doing, and you’ll be glad to have a reminder of the happy times you had as a family as your kids grow older.

Get one last camping trip in before it’s back to school for the kids. You’ve got plenty to celebrate until then. If you haven’t finalized the details of your excursion, now is the time to do so. You’ll be glad that you spent time outdoors with your family this year.