So, you know a thing or two about camping. You’re what you’d call a self-proclaimed expert in some ways because of all the time you’ve spent in nature. Congratulations! We want to commend you on being awesome.

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to spend more time indoors than you do outdoors. By conscientiously making it a choice to camp, you’re allowing yourself to demonstrate skills that you wouldn’t get to show off elsewhere. After all, what you do to make yourself feel comfortable sleeping under the stars is vastly different than climbing into bed at home.

What Campers with Experience Know How to Do

There are some basic things that every experienced camper should know how to do. We’ve listed five for you to reference.

#1: Pitch a tent.

If you plan on sleeping outdoors, you’ll need to know how to pitch a tent. Doing so correctly vastly improves your camping experience by preventing it from falling down on you while you sleep.

#2: Read a map of the area.

Being able to read an analog copy of a map rather than rely heavily on a digital electronic is a skill. It serves you well when your phone or tablet isn’t charged and you need to get from Point A to Point B.

#3: Build a fire.

At some campgrounds, a fire isn’t a necessity. At others, however, it’s a source of warmth and a way to cook.

#4: Prepare at least one amazing campfire meal.

You should have some tried and true recipes to cook that your family loves. Providing nourishment after a long day of exploring the campgrounds and surrounding area is essential.

#5: Patch a hole in camping gear.

Prolonging the lifespan of your tent, air mattress, and sleeping bag ensure that they won’t wear out on you prematurely. Learning how to patch these things and even clothing can keep the rain and cold out while making you feel as comfortable as possible while you camp.

After several camping trips, you should know how to do the basics. Even if you don’t, there’s plenty of time to learn before next year’s camping season begins. You can even ask a relative or friend with expert camping skills to give you some pointers.

Keep Growing and Building Your Skills as a Camper

Even experienced campers benefit from new knowledge. Keep building your skills each year by learning how to do new things related to camping. Challenging yourself regularly keeps your mind sharp and makes your expertise greater. Other people benefit from what you know which gives you more of an incentive to stay at the top of your game by reading books, watching videos, and attending classes that have to do with the Great Outdoors.