Glamping is a popular trend enjoyed by people around the world. If you’re a fan of upscale experiences, you can make your tent or RV even more comfortable with a few additions. The following list of items are ones that can make your time at Saco River Camping Area even more memorable.

Here are seven glamping must-haves for your next outdoor experience:

1. A Sleeping Bag Liner.

Not only does it feel luxe, it also prevents you from getting overheated. A good liner is made of silk or satin which significantly improves your sleep experience if staying in a tent. A little extra comfort is well worth the effort while camping.

2. Plush Pillows.

There is no better feeling in the world than laying your head down on a soft pillow after a long day of sightseeing, exploring, and adventuring. The pillowcases that you choose are every bit as important as the pillows themselves. You can find good organic materials such as unbleached brushed cotton and hemp that are highly breathable. If you prefer to match the sleeping bag liner that you own, select silk or satin to cover your pillows.

3. A Good Fan.

Stay cool on the hottest nights with a tent fan. Battery-operated and affordable, you can prop it up next to your cot or mattress pad and enjoy a blast of cool air at any time. You can even hang some models from the top of your tent to circulate the air better.

4. A Tablet Computer.

Packed full of entertaining and productivity-related apps, you can work from the comfort of your campground, watch a movie or even chat with family and friends back home. You’ll feel more connected to your normal life if you own and use a tablet regularly. You can even use it to take photos, upload blogs or even record videos of your experiences outdoors.

5. A Portable Grill.

Enjoy better quality foods with this handy gadget. You can buy an extra propane tank and cook all sorts of your favorite foods on the tabletop grill. Enjoy fresh fish, juicy meats, and cooked-to-perfection veggies on the grill.

6. A Fully Loaded Spice Rack.

Elevate your recipes with the right combinations of herbs and spices. When you have a spice rack in your RV or a small version in with your camping gear, the sky is virtually the limit in terms of what you cook. You’ll enjoy upgraded camp food with little effort.

7. An Action Camera.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, no visit to Saco River Camping Area is complete without your GoPro or another action camera. Film yourself biking or kayaking. Catch the most challenging moment in your next laser tag game and share it with your friends online.

Enjoy glamping with greater ease with the right items. Transform your next outdoor experience into one that is incredibly amazing instantaneously. With the right luxury items, you can upgrade your time spent in the Great Outdoors by making it feel lusher and more home-like.