Camping on Christmas is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is why you should try it. Other than being a great way to break the regular Christmas tradition of being curled up in a blanket indoors, camping on Christmas means fewer crowds. Hence, more fun space for you and your loved ones at a serene and beautiful campsite like Saco River Camping. But, as mentioned, it’s an idea dreaded by many. Not because it’s not fun but because of the cold and the snow. How can you make your experience both smooth sailing and fun? Check out these tips.


1. Plan Ahead

The recipe for fun and successful camping during Christmas is planning. If you’re considering the idea, let your loved ones know as early as now, so they can give you their take on the issue. If they are in sync with it, then you should start planning as soon as now.

For instance, prepare a spreadsheet and list all Christmas camping essentials. Do this at least a month before, and also have everyone throw in some ideas. By the time the D-day is here, you’ll have bought whatever is needed, and all that will be left is packing. 


2. Pack Early

Don’t wait until the eve of your camping day to pack. Keep in mind that camping during Christmas means being off-the-grid when it’s all snowy and cold. Therefore, you don’t want to forget anything that was supposed to keep you and your loved ones warm when in camp. If you have no idea where to start, check out this blog for tips.


3. Stay on the Loop about the Weather

While camping on Christmas is fun, your safety and that of your loved ones are of utmost importance. Therefore, check what the forecast channel has to say about the weather. Do this regularly even when already on the campsite so you can be on the loop on significant weather changes. Keep in mind that winter storms tend to show up out of nowhere.


4. Make Your Sleeping Bag Warm 

We’ll be lying if we told you it’s not cold during Christmas. To ensure you don’t end up freezing and hating yourself for coming up with the idea, pack up warmlyare and make your sleeping bag even warmer. For instance, a thermal sleeping bag liner will do the trick. But if it’s not an option, boil some water, put into a water bottle and place it in a sleeping bag at least thirty minutes before you go to sleep. That way, it’ll be warm enough for you to sleep like a child.


5. Bring the Christmas Spirit to Camp

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what the Christmas holiday has to offer. One way to bring the Christmas spirit to camp is by packing up Christmas decorations. But this doesn’t mean you carry a whole Christmas tree and your entire ornament collections. 

Something as simple as hanging lights all around your tent is enough to change the entire setting. Also, if the campsite around you has trees, consider hanging lights on them too, so your camping area can be ready for Santa. One way to keep the lights from tangling is to wrap them around a hanger during packing.

Another way to keep the lively mood up despite the cold is to create a holiday feast BBQ, play fun games and also the presents. Also, if possible, invite your extended family or have a few other friends and their family tag along.

In a nutshell, there are many ways to enjoy your Christmas on camp. Reserve a camping site this Christmas, and you’ll always find you and your family packing up for camping every year.