Coming up with a theme for your camping trips can be a lot of fun. It helps you and your family get organized and stay focused while you’re away from home, too. When you have a theme that you’re following, you’re more inclined to plan ahead to make sure meals and activities relate to the topic or idea you’re celebrating. This type of camping trip is fun for all ages as it is customizable so it remains relevant for everyone involved.

Here are ways to create a theme for your next camping trip:

1. Try to capture a feeling.

If camping makes you and your family feel nostalgic about trips past, why not try to recreate the experience? Look for objects that you had on one of your first camping trips. Eat the same foods. Do the same activities. If it’s something that you’ve not done together for years, it will be a welcome surprise for everyone involved. Focus on capturing the feeling of nostalgia and making new memories to look back at fondly in a couple of years.

2. Give the trip a glamorous feel.

Glamping is something that many people enjoy doing. In fact, if you’ve refrained from “roughing it” in the past because you’re used to the luxuries from home, you can make camping even more comfortable by incorporating a glamping theme. Bring air mattresses and nice lightweight bedding. Put a rug down in your tent and set up an inflatable sofa and chair. Make each area of the tent feel more like your apartment or house back home by focusing on the personal touches.

3. Make it an act of service.

From start to finish, make camping be about other people. Do what you can around the campground to help out. Collect trash that other campers didn’t throw away. Go the extra mile to open doors for people and to assist them with carrying their purchases from the Country Store to their vehicle. Every kind act counts!

Creating a theme for your next camping trip is a lot of fun. It offers plenty for you and your family to do and look forward to. Best of all, themes can be personalized to make them appropriate for the youngest campers. They can even be modified to account for dogs and even family member or friends who ask to tag along.