Among the most important skills new campers learn is how to maintain body heat in extreme conditions. That way, if you do decide to camp outdoors in the wintertime, you’re not left shivering in the cold. The key to camping comfortably when the temperatures drop is having the right cold weather equipment on hand to use throughout the experience and possessing the knowledge and skills to seek help if things take a turn for the worst. You don’t need to ‘rough it’ these days to experience the thrill of The Great Outdoors.

Ways to keep yourself warm while tent camping in cold weather include:

Do aerobic exercises before bed.

A goodheart-pumping workout session warms up your muscles and increases thelikelihood of you staying nice and toasty throughout the night.

Eat a protein-packed snack.

Avoid sugaryand caffeinated products by opting for fuel that takes time to burn such as nut butters and jerky.

Remain hydrated.

In order for your body temperature to regulate itself, you must drink water and not suppress the urge to urinate which only makes you feel colder.

Keep your sleeping bag off the ground.

If possible, put a few layers between you and the ground by investing in an inflatable mat.

Wear a hat while you slumber.

Heat escapes through the head quickly which is why you’ll want to put on headgear before climbing into your sleeping bag.

Put on your wool socks.  

They’ll prevent your feet from getting cold when you walk the campgrounds and sleep as well as keep you from feeling wildly uncomfortable.

Make the inside of your tent and sleeping bag as warm as possible during the coldest months of the year. You don’t need to give up camping in favor of comfort. You can stay warm by following the tips listed above. That way, you’re not limited to camping only in the spring and the summertime when temperatures are significantly higher than the latter seasons of the year.