Packing an ice chest the right way takes skill. It’s actually a fine art that anyone can learn how to do. With some practice, you’ll maximize the amount of space that you have available so you’re able to get more of the things you want to eat inside the cooler. You’ll be able to lower some of the expense of feeding your family because you’re able to prep in advance.

Here is how to pack an ice chest for your next camping trip:

Think of the cooler in layers ranging from A at the top to F at the bottom.

You’ll need to do this so you can identify which items need to go where inside the ice chest.

Use frozen water bottles as additional insulation in layer F.

They’ll work better than ice by not immersing your food in water. The bottles will contain any liquid that thaws.

Sealed meat items should go in layer E.

They’ll stay cold and fresh on top of the water bottles that you placed in the bottom layer. Make sure to heat seal the items to prevent them from leaking while camping.

Canned beverages go in layer D.

This is sodas, lemonade, and carbonated waters. They’ll lay nicely side-by-side and provide you with additional room in the cooler to spare.

A cooling rack makes up layer C.

It keeps items compressed so you can continue to fill the ice chest. It can also be used to cool foods that are grilled or cooked over a fire.

Layer B is reserved for cheese, bacon, and lunchmeat.

These items can easily get smashed by the other contents in the ice chest. They’re likely your go-to staples, too, so you’ll want to reach them easily.

Keep fragile items that can be crushed easily on the top in layer A.

Items such as eggs and fresh vegetables should be placed on top of everything else.

Learn from the pros how to professionally pack an ice chest. You can replenish the items you’re running low on by visiting Saco River Camping Area’s Country Store. You’ll find all of the things needed to make your camping trip fun and enjoyable.