If you’re the type of person that tends to overpack when you go on a trip, you can easily do yourself a favor and start packing light. Once you learn how important it is to buy items with multiple uses or are compact in size, you’ll realize just how free to roam you truly are. It will revolutionize the way you travel without interfering with your level of comfort or satisfaction.

Learn to pack light for long camping trips with very little hassle. Here’s how to do just that:

Bake bread in a tin can.

It’s easy to transport that way, doesn’t get smashed, and allows you to make all sorts of recipes. Bread can be of the sandwich variety or breakfast variety such as banana, pumpkin or zucchini. You’ll love how convenient it is to serve, too, thanks to the grooves in the can.

Bring your coffee in filters.

Scoop up some of the grounds from the bag or can of coffee that you use at home and put it in a coffee filter. Tie it closed with a piece of string. Than carry some individual empty tea bags that you can fill with coffee. Prepare your favorite beverage the way you would tea with hot water and by steeping the bag in it for a few minutes.

Make toothpaste medallions.

Take out a paper plate and put dollops of toothpaste onto it. Freeze the plate and remove the toothpaste medallions. Wrap them individually to keep them from heating up and making a mess inside the bag. You can easily avoid lugging around extra toiletries by employing this hack or buying travel-sized packages of your favorite products.

Have everything you need without packing excess items while camping. The likelihood of you using all of the things you’ve brought with you on your trip is slim. Learn to pack smarter and not harder by testing the tips listed above. If you fail to bring something with you that you absolutely need, you’ll find our Country Store packed full of the essentials so you won’t need to go far to feel accommodated.