Among the most problematic issues campers face is staying clean while spending time in the Great Outdoors. Between rising temperatures, sweat, grime, dirt, and dust, it can be hard to feel fresh and clean on the average camping trip. Lucky for you, Saco River Camping Area offers hot showers, bathroom facilities with sinks, and laundry machines with optional laundry detergent available throughout the campgrounds. The facilities are first come, first serve, however, so keeping yourself well-stocked with the appropriate health and hygiene products at camp is ideal.

Here are some pointers that will keep you looking and feeling your best while camping:

Keep extra water at your campsite.

That way, you can quickly wash up without needing to head to the bathroom or showering facilities. If you’re camping with multiple children, it can be a lifesaver to keep pre-moistened wipes on hand to make fast work out of cleaning hands and faces.

Minimize the number of fragranced products you apply. 

Too much of a good thing is not a good thing at all. When spending time outdoors in the hot sun, it changes the pH balance in your body. What may have smelled wonderful at the start of the day, won’t by bedtime. You’ll then be forced to sleep in a tent full of people who smell like a combination of scented deodorant, body spray, and bug repellent.

Keep long hair tied back and make sure everyone wears hats.

That way, you won’t be forced to shampoo your hair more than once or twice during your stay. The same applies to small children who typically need assistance in taking a bath or shower. You’ll do yourself a big favor by keeping hair ties and caps on hand.

Don’t go overboard packing all your personal hygiene products with you this camping trip. Instead, opt for items that deliver the most bang for their buck. If you’re camping with family or friends and have limited space, try to select products that offer two or more uses to put in your backpack or rucksack.