Being cold isn’t just unpleasant, it can be dangerous. However, camping during the winter can also offer you a completely different experience than any other time of year, and it’s definitely a sight to see. If you plan to camp in the winter, it’s important to be prepared.

Here are some tips of staying warm while camping in the winter.

Sleep with Your Clothes in Your Sleeping Bag

If you’ve ever woke up at home with your air a bit too low, then you know the awful feeling of leaving your warm bed just to have to put on cold clothes. During the winter while you’re camping, this can be even worse. Sleep with your clothes in your sleeping bag so that they stay warm all night.

Keep Your Gloves in Your Pockets

If you must take your gloves off, keep them in your pockets. No matter how cold it is, if you’re wearing thick gloves like gloves and being active, you will sweat at least a little bit. When you take your gloves off, there’s a chance that ice could form, freezing your hands. Keep your gloves warm in your pockets to prevent this from happening.

Eat a Lot and Often

Your body needs energy to stay warm, and it derives energy from food. Make sure to eat filling food with a high nutritional value, and never go to bed hungry. If you go to bed without eating a good meal, you’ll find it difficult to stay warm. 

Eat the Right Foods

It’s important that, while you’re eating, you’re eating foods that can help you stay warm. There are certain foods that can help promote body heat. These foods are high in nutritional value, especially fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. These nutrients, called macromolecules, act together to provide your body with the energy it needs to regulate its temperature, keeping you toasty.

Prepare Fire Starter Kits

Nothing’s worse than being cold while camping and struggling to make a fire. Keep your lighters and matches in waterproof containers and consider preparing easy fire starters. Some good DIY and sustainable fire starters include cotton pads dipped in wax, egg cartons, and pinecones. 

Keep Hot Water Bottles Close By

One of the absolute best hacks for beating the cold while camping is a hot water bottle. You can slip one in the bottom of your sleeping bag for an instant foot warmer or sleep with a few to keep your entire body warm. You can also use miniature hot water bottles as pocket warmers throughout the day. 

Use Your Backpack to Keep Warm

Once you’re in your sleeping back, putting your feet in your sleeping back can add an extra layer of warmth. Paired with a hot water bottle, you’ll be warm all night. 

A few hacks are all you need to make your next winter camping trip a little more enjoyable. You’ll be able to stay warm, and even comfortable, with these hacks, making for a safe, fun experience.