A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to snacks and camping. Unlike at home where you have access to a range of appliance and cooking utensils, you’re limited to what you can and cannot use at your campsite. Learning non-traditional ways to prepare some of your favorite sweet and savory treats allows you to eat them with your hands and even avoid the clean-up required when you traditionally make snacks in your own kitchen. To help you get started as Master Snack Maker, we’ve provided you with a few cool ideas to explore on your next camping trip.

Snacks You Can Pack and Hack with the Greatest of Ease

Here are some of the best hacks for enjoying snacks while camping at Saco River Camping Area:

A Chocolatey Beverage Instantly.

You can’t take a Keurig with you while tent camping. Instant coffee will have to do. If you want to give it a delicious chocolate flavor, mix hot chocolate powder with the coffee prior to leaving for your trip. All you’ll need to do is pour hot water into your Thermos, stir, and enjoy!

A Delicious Ice Cream-Free Banana Split.

For this hack, hollow out a ripe banana. Fill it with a chocolate hazelnut spread before topping it off with hard chocolate candies such as M&Ms. Your taste buds will explode with flavor.

Keep an Avocado from Being Smashed by Doing This.

Large plastic Easter eggs are perfect for storing avocados. The plastic protector prevents the food from being smashed during transport. When you’re ready to enjoy the avocado, you can simply cut it, spoon out its flesh, and eat to your heart’s content.

These three camping hacks can lead to other genius ideas involving snacks. Do you have a go-to way to enjoy nourishment while camping? You’ll likely be inspired to try things you never thought of doing after reading our list.

Keep It Simple and Mess-Free

Snack with satisfaction this camping trip. You’ve got ideas that allow you to avoid the mess of complicated snack preparation and instead focus on the flavor. When it comes time for a bite to eat to tide you and your family over, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Most importantly, they’ll be a blast making together while you camp!