Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be an overwhelming task. When your nature-loving best friend, cousin, or any other loved one invites you to share it with them, award them for all the work they’ve put into ensuring you have a great time. There are plenty of ways to do that, but getting them an outdoor-related gift is an excellent place to start. We’ve rounded up some great camping gift ideas to help you choose one that fits their personality best.

1. A Personalized Camp Mug

Nowadays, you can personalize almost anything. So if you are looking for an ultimately simple yet sophisticated gift for your camp loving thanksgiving host, then a personalized camp mug is a great choice. You could have their name written on it or their favorite campsite. For instance, if they regularly put life at bay at Saco River Camping, consider having their name and also a simple sketch of such a site engraved on their mug. This way, every sip of hot chocolate from the mug on a chilly camping night will remind them of you. Also, while mug-shopping, consider getting them a personalized water bottle as well. 


2. A Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing beats sitting under the stars and listening to your favorite songs while camping. Another thoughtful gift for your outdoorsy host is a Bluetooth speaker. Nowadays, these speakers are available in plenty of designs and sizes. Since it’s a camping gift, it’s more advisable you get them a pocket-sized one that they could easily take on the go. Make it even more unique by selecting a camping themed-one, and thank us later!


3. A Weather-Proof Bag 

For some people, camping is a way of life. They are happiest when sitting under the stars or making s’mores on a campfire. They’ll willingly take on camping regardless of the weather. If your host fits the description, then another great gift is a weather-proof bag. This is such a practical gift because they’ll now be able to pack their go-pro, their phones, and whatever they brought to camp without stressing about potential downpours. Take it a notch higher by getting a waterproof jacket as well so they can be all set for their next winter camping and hiking trip. 


4. Stasher Bag

Nature-lovers are always looking for ways to cut their carbon footprint, and there is no doubt that your outdoorsy thanksgiving host does too. Stasher bags are often made of silicone, easy to clean, and toxic-free materials. Getting them a stasher bag that they could use to carry their snacks on the go will be a much-appreciated idea.


5. A Medical Gift Kit

Regardless of how careful your host might be, accidents are inevitable. Get them a curated medical kit that contains all they might need when the inevitable happens.


6. A Backpack Tent 

If your host is a camp and outdoor lover, there is no doubt they already have a camping tent. But they can never say no to another one. They’ll love it even more if it can fit in their backpack and features thermal material to protect them from the cold camping weather at night.