A topic of importance is hygiene while camping. Because of the close proximity, you’ll be sleeping in with other campers, you’ll want to ensure that you and your family are clean, tidy, and well-groomed during your stay at our campgrounds. That way, you look and feel your best and have no apprehensions about going places or doing things while you’re camping.

Knowing how much clothing to pack and what style of clothing works best for spending time in the Great Outdoors is essential. It allows you to be prepared for anything. It also prevents you from overpacking and being stuck with a car full of clothes no one wants to wear.

Things to Bring and to Leave at Home

This short and simple guide will help you determine what to pack and how to keep your clothes clean and comfortable in the process.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to pack according to the weather conditions for the area you’re traveling to and the season that you’re camping in. That way, the clothes that you have available help you maintain a comfortable body temperature. You’re not stuck with clothes that make you feel warm in the summer and keep you feeling cold in the early spring and winter.

Next, you’ll want clothing that moves well. Stiffer fabrics are not made for camping. You want to opt for clothes that ‘breathe’ such as ones made from cotton, hemp, linen, and nylon. In colder climates, wool socks and hats are must-haves.

You’ll also want a camping wardrobe that is easy to launder. In the event that you don’t have time to dry the clothing in a dryer, can you hang it up to dry in the sun? Will it be ready to wear again when you need it?

Laundry Facilities with 24-Hour Service Await You at Saco River Camping Area

Keep your clothes nice and clean no matter what outdoor activity you’ve involved yourself in. With access to 24-hour-a-day laundry facilities and laundry detergent, you’ll make fast work of the pile of laundry you amassed while you and your family camped at Saco River Camping Area.