If you love camping but hate ‘roughing it,’ there are ways to compromise. You don’t need to strip yourself of all modern conveniences to authentically camp. In fact, the items that you bring with you on the road such as smartphones and tablets can enhance the experience, making it more exciting, relevant, and memorable.

The idea isn’t to pack too much. It’s more about bringing precisely the right items so that you’re able to enjoy a more intimate camping experience. You’ll have the things on hand that make it better to camp longer because you won’t be uncomfortable the entire duration of your stay.

Here are five absolutely essential items that make modern camping comfortable:

1. A small cookstove or charcoal grill.

Eat like a king or queen while you’re away. You don’t need to survive on sandwiches alone. You can whip up some incredibly delicious and flavorful meals at your campsite when you have a small cookstove or charcoal grill in your possession.

2. An inflatable air mat.

You’ll have a much easier time falling asleep and staying asleep when there is a cushioned layer of protection between you and the ground. Not only does the air mat give your body support, but it also helps regulate your body temperature by keeping you off the humid bottom layer of the tent.

3. Solar-powered string lights.

Recreate the soft lighting you’ve grown used to at home. This type of lighting is best because it charges in the sunlight. It’s powered by the sun, making it practical as well as charming by giving the campsite a more home-like feel.

4. A good, supportive pillow.

Skip the sore neck in favor of a more supportive sleep experience. An air mat may have a built-in pillow but it’s highly recommended that you bring a spare because it’s familiar and feels more comfortable to you.

5. A Thermos.

Enjoy coffee, tea or hot chocolate whenever you want. You can even keep soup or stew in the insulated container to enjoy. It’s an easy and convenient way to eat away from the campsite.

Make camping the experience of a lifetime. Through a few quick hacks and with the right tools, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself with the greatest of ease. You’ll have items with you that emphasize a high level of comfort.