If owning a vintage ‘glamper’ has been a dream of yours and now it’s a reality, consider yourself lucky! You’ll always have a beautiful place to stay while traveling. Your camping experience is even more special because of the time spent in your glamper. You’ll never regret buying it, restoring it, and camping in it.

The aesthetic of a ‘glamper’ is unique and personalized to your liking. Each person who owns one feels like there is a certain way it should be honored and decorated. Some people restore it to its former glory while others decide to give it a distinctly modern feel. No matter what, each ‘glamper’ must have a few of the same types of things to make it authentic. We’ve listed them below.

Here are five things every vintage ‘glamper’ needs inside of it:

1. Bright, cheerful fabric.

If you want to brighten up the small space and make it feel warmer and more inviting, you can do so with the material you choose to cover cushions and pillows with. It helps set the theme and gives the vintage camper ambiance.

2. Curtains or window coverings.

You’ll want as much privacy as you can possibly get especially if you plan to camp where there is a lot of people. The curtains or window coverings can match the fabric of the cushions and pillows or provide contrast, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.

3. Wall art or signage.

It plays into the theme of your ‘glamper’ and makes it feel more like your full-time home. Best of all, there is no end to the creativity you can display inside the vintage camper because anything you deem art-worthy is.

4. A gorgeous awning.

It brightens up your outdoor space. It also protects you from the elements including rain and the hot sun.

5. Space to prepare meals and cook.

You’ll be able to enjoy some of the best foods that you love eating at home. It gives you a place to store and prepare meals.

Turn your ‘glamper’ into the incredible beauty that you know it is. By adding a few extra special things to its décor, you’re able to create a place that feels like home really easily. You’re ready to go camping at any time because your ‘glamper’ will be well-stocked, comfortable, and ready for travel.