A new year brings endless possibilities and adventure. If you love to camp but haven’t done so much in recent years, it’s now time to make it a priority in your life. This is especially true if you have younger children who haven’t been exposed to the Great Outdoors in a truly immersive way. You can invite the whole family to vacation together and make it a multigenerational event with children, their parents, and their grandparents camping together in nearby tents or recreational vehicles.

Here are five ways to make camping an exciting experience enjoyed by all:

1. Pick activities that vary in exertion level.

Some people in your camping party may be newbies when it comes to the Great Outdoors. Physical limitations or age might slow them down. Select activities that are perfect for beginners as well as those which require more inertia to complete.

2. Plan some downtime.

Children and seniors require more sleep than most adults. Including some quiet activities for everyone to engage in during periods of rest is ideal. It keeps everyone from running their batteries down by being too active. It prevents accidents and illness, too, because sleep is reparative.

3. Do something that you cannot do at home.

The excitement surrounding camping is that you’re in a new location being exposed to new and wonderful things. Make it a point to do activities and have experiences that are unavailable at home. From playing laser tag for the first time to eating an item off the menu that you’ve never sampled before at a nearby restaurant, there is fun to be had.

4. Find creative ways to document the experience.

Vlog, blog or keep a scrapbook of your adventures. You’re sure to inspire others to do the same when they see your fun camping trip online. Tell your tale the way that only you can.

5. Let others have a say in what you do.

Make it a family affair. Let the other members of your family choose at least one thing they want to do while at the campgrounds. Saco River Camping Area has fun activities for every age group to participate in.

Make camping the most exciting thing you experience this year. You’ve got plenty of time to plan your next campground vacation. From exploring your surroundings to scheduling plenty of time to relax, you’re considering the needs of all the campers you have with you, young and old. Saco River Camping Area has something exciting for everyone to do.