A truly enjoyable camping experience starts with you. It’s in the little things you do to prepare for the occasion. From the food you pack to prepare and eat while camping to the type of sleeping bag liner you choose from yourself, you’ve got a world of options that allow you to personalize the experience as much as possible. That means greater satisfaction with camping overall.

Here are five creature comforts no camper should be without:

1. The best pillow money can buy.

Whether it’s firm or soft depending on your preferences, the place you lay your head should be super comfortable. A good pillow prevents you from waking with neck and shoulder pain while camping. It helps sets the mood for a night of restorative slumber.

2. A good book to read when the weather isn’t great.

It may rain and put a damper on your plans. Having a Plan B ready at all times is recommended. A good book can save the day. It allows you to do something you enjoy doing at home, and it helps pass the time until the sun comes out again.

3. Delicious, homemade food and snacks.

Nothing is more comforting than a homecooked meal while camping. This is where soups and casseroles are king. You can create large portions to feed your big family for little cost. Everyone will appreciate having something familiar and satisfying to eat while away from home.

4. Comfortable sleepwear.

When you sleep well, you wake up feeling refreshed. You’re ready to explore everything around the campground. You don’t compromise your health by not getting enough rest. In fact, the right sleepwear is similar to a good pillow in promoting good sleep.

5. A sleeping bag liner.

Meant to create a layer of insulation between you and your sleeping bag, a liner or sheet is essential while camping. It makes things less humid or cold depending on the weather. Look for one made from satin or silk for the ultimate in comfort.

Don’t be without your creature comforts while camping ever again. Prepare for the occasion in advance by securing the items you need to feel happy, safe, and comfortable at the campground right away. That way, you’re able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the calming atmosphere you’ve created for yourself in the Great Outdoors.