Of all the activities you choose to do, camping is among the most important. It helps shape you into a well-rounded person by helping you think outside the box and discover new things about the outdoor world. If you haven’t had much experience with camping but have an adventurous side demanding attention, now is the time to book your first camping trip because it will be well worth the effort to do so.

Here is how camping regularly makes you a more well-rounded person:

By piquing your curiosity.

There are things you miss daily by spending time indoors or connected to technology 24/7. For example, when did you last witness a sunrise or sunset? Where were you when you did? If you haven’t had a seat front and center to witness such a phenomenon, it’s highly recommended. The sun looks incredibly different when hovering over a giant lake or river than it does from your front porch in the city. Camping encourages you to explore things you don’t understand or have never seen before.

By stoking your creative fire.

With limited resources, you’re forced to tap into your creativity. You have to make the most of your experience with what you’ve got. This is especially true at primitive campsites void of general stores and public showers. Even at developed campgrounds, you don’t have the same conveniences as home, so you deal with challenges accordingly.

By improving the quality of your relationships.

Camping is a social activity in most cases. You likely have brought your partner, children or friends along with you on your trip. Spending time together at a campground allows you to focus on the bond you’ve created and emphasize the importance of memory-making with the people that are the most important to you. You’ll also meet other campers who share the same interests and values as you.

Camping regularly has so much to offer a person as mentioned above. Think about all the things that you’ve learned while spending time in the Great Outdoors. Would you have gained the knowledge elsewhere if given the opportunity to learn? The answer is likely “No,” because there are some things that only nature teaches and camping is one way to experience life outside your home, city, and community.