When camping, do you prefer to keep it simple or partake in fine dining? Are you a campground cooking connoisseur or a back-to-basics meal prepper with no need for gourmet ingredients? Whatever your preference may be, one thing is for sure. You can put a whole lot of love into the food you prepare to eat while at Saco River Camping Area.

Some tips that help you cook gourmet meals while camping include:

Collect some campground-friendly recipes.

Print them out or store them on your phone or tablet for reference purposes. That way, they’re ready to read whenever you’re able to stop for a minute and cook.

Use high-quality ingredients.

Invest in the best foods that money can buy. Aim for fresh ingredients that require little or no refrigeration. If you’re able to source them locally, it’s even better.

Add spices.

You can create complex flavors easily with the right combination of salt, savory herbs or sweetness. Experiment with building a gourmet spice kit that is portable and easy-to-use while camping.

Meal prep in advance if necessary.

Take extra time to address the meals you’ll eat while away from home. Consider the number of people you’ll be serving and what type of menu you’ll have in place so you can prep some of the ingredients in advance.

Experiment with different cooking techniques.

How you prepare food is just as important as what you prepare. If you want to really enjoy the meals that you make for you and your family or friends, learn a few simple go-to cooking techniques that are easy to execute while camping.

Elevate camp cuisine by infusing it with creativity. The right tools and ingredients make a world of difference. From cooking exquisite pizzas to seasoning classic camp dishes just right, your culinary experience makes meals in the Great Outdoors legendary.