If you plan on camping with kids, you know that it can be challenging to keep them occupied the entire duration of your vacation. With that being said, there are things you can do to keep them busy and chase away boredom immediately. Something very helpful that you can do is to ask them to help you come up with some activities that they would enjoy doing in the Great Outdoors. Allowing them to bring a few things from home with them on their travels ensures that they’ll remain engaged all of the days that you camp.

Here are some specific examples of ways to keep kids busy and boredom-free while camping:

Give them tasks to do around camp.

They can roll up their sleeves and pitch in and help. Doing so builds character and helps cultivate a great appreciation for the process of camping itself. From pitching a tent to making sure the dishes are washed after every meal, even the youngest child can do their part to ensure that the camping experience is enjoyed by all.

Allow them to choose the activities they participate in.

Kids love to exercise the power of choice. Let them have a few different options to consider when planning activities. That way, it feels like it’s their vacation as much as it is yours.

Help them appreciate the beauty of nature.

Go exploring. There are plenty of ways to observe the campgrounds in their natural element. From geocaching to photographing their favorite sights, kids have plenty to talk about once they’ve returned home. The more they’re exposed to nature now, the better they’ll embrace it as adults with their own children.

Saco River Camping Area offers plenty to do, see, and experience. Explore all of the different options that await you at our campgrounds. You’ll find plenty of new experiences to be a part of that makes your trip memorable.