One of the most amazing things about camping is how educational the entire experience can be. Where else do you have access to a wealth of natural resources than in the Great Outdoors? Subjects such as botany, science, animals, conservation, health, and even astronomy await your children if you play the role of teacher while on your next trip to Saco River Camping Area.

Some of the ways for you to make camping an educational experience for kids include:

Going on a Scavenger Hunt to record what you discover around camp.

Create a custom list of items to find or print one of the lists you see on Pinterest. Give your family a limited amount of time to locate everything listed while on the Scavenger Hunt.

Carrying books that identify different plants, animals, trees, and stars so you can refer to them often.

If your children are of reading age, allow them to read the descriptions recorded in the books. It gives them practice reading and pronouncing names they may have never heard of.

Investing in pocket-sized binoculars that allow everyone a closer look at the cool stuff found in the wild.

Go out and watch the birds. Search high up in the treetops to locate things you normally wouldn’t see if they weren’t magnified.

Starting a nature journal where you document details about your discoveries as a family so you can go back and refer to it in the future.

You can have one family journal or everyone can keep their own. Encourage drawings, diagrams, photos, and descriptions about nature.

Nature has a lot it can teach both children and adults. Be open to learning and watch your world expand exponentially. One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is a deep love and appreciation for camping and the natural world.