There is no place where stars become your night lights more than the campsite you’ve chosen to visit. It’s among the greatest experiences to connect with nature. If you’re new to the pastime, don’t worry. You don’t need special training or equipment to fully appreciate the night sky. In fact, you can do it easily wherever you have a clear view.

Here are ways to stargaze at your favorite campground:

1. Carry a red flashlight with you.

Covering a standard flashlight with red cellophane or paper allows you to see in the darkness without disturbing your body’s natural rhythms the way that blue and white lights do. Instructables explains the step-by-step process well.

2. Use binoculars first.

Before investing in a telescope, try taking a look through a pair of binoculars. You’ll be able to see a close-up of the moon as well as many of the different stars. Then, if money allows and you’re still interested, you can purchase the best telescope you can afford.

3. Choose the perfect time to look.

Winter is the best time to see the sky because the air is cool and crisp. It isn’t as clear during the summer but you’ll still be able to stargaze. When the moon is a crescent or at its gibbous stage, you’ll be able to see so much. According to Mental Floss, astronomers note that a full moon is so bright that it overpowers everything else in the sky.

4. Use apps to identify different stars, planets, and constellations.

There are many different options for you to choose from. Google Sky Maps is a favorite. It contains information that comes from many different sources.

Stargazing at your favorite campground is one of the most incredible experiences you can have. It allows you to appreciate the Great Outdoors as the marvelous space that it is on the planet. You don’t need special equipment to stargaze, either, but if you do have access to a pair of binoculars or a small travel telescope, you won’t regret bringing it with you on your trip.