Not digging the way your popup camper is outfitted? Why not make it your own? There are all sorts of ways to make it look and feel incredible. In fact, it may be preferable for you over a larger camper.

Here are some ways to take your popup camper from drab to fab:

1. Pick a theme.

Is there something you love or are passionate about? Do certain images remind you of home? There are many ways you can choose a theme for your pop-up. The first is to ask yourself what your hobbies and interests are. Another approach is to ask family and friends for suggestions or use a randomizer on the internet to narrow down a theme.

2. Choose a color palette.

Once you’ve selected a theme, it’s easy to choose the colors you want to decorate with. For example, if you love the seaside and plan to incorporate a beach theme in your camper, select cool colors that remind you of sand and water. Similarly, if you go with a nautical theme, pick objects to add to your camper that are red, white or blue. If a natural theme is more your style, pick neutral colors with a lot of texture. Burlap is durable and inexpensive to use to decorate with.

3. Narrow down your pattern options.

You may want to mix and match solids with patterns. If that’s the case, pick one or two that complement each other. That way, you’re not visually overwhelming your guests when they come to visit.

4. Decorate with comfort and efficiency in mind.

Remember that the most important thing to consider when decorating your pop-up camper is to make sure it’s a place that you can spend time in easily. Make comfort and efficiency That way, you can do all the things you want to do while camping with great ease.

A popup camper offers plenty to work with. Get inspired by the photos you see on Pinterest and Instagram. You can give your camper a facelift easily by adding things you love to it. Infuse it with your personality through the addition of color, pattern, texture, and shape.