If you love Instagram and camping, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. There is a world full of people, like you, who take adventuring seriously. By following their social media accounts, you get a glimpse inside their world and the places they’ve traveled to and camped at.  You’re then able to fuel your own adventures with the type of flavor only you can bring to the equation. Your unique perspective is what makes camping the exciting recreational activity that it is.

Some of the most inspiring camping-related Instagram accounts include:


National Geographic is no stranger to natural beauty and awestruck wonder. One glance at its IG feed is all it takes to get a serious case of wanderlust. A lot of the locations featured on Instagram include places in the United States that you’ll want to add to your bucket list. Many of the national parks are shown throughout the NatGeo feed showing you just what you can encounter in the wild if you camp enough.

Camping with Dogs.

If you have furry friends in your household, you’re likely wanting to camp with them. This Instagram account is full of canines living it up on the camping trips of their dreams. Each photo is magazine-worthy and full of joy. If you want something to smile about after a long day at work, check out the feed and all the four-legged furballs that make it enjoyable.

Saco River Camping Area.

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Follow the best influencers in the industry. Instagram provides you with plenty of visuals to get excited about. Let these Instagrammers inspire your own pictorial journey. Because camping is such a unique and personal experience, you’re guaranteed to offer a fresh perspective if you do take up Instagramming your camping trips.