So, you’re in the market for a recreational vehicle. Do you even know which kind you want to own? If you’re unfamiliar with the different models of campers and RVs available, don’t worry. Many people aren’t sure exactly what they need for their growing families. They don’t know which options exist, so they’re not sure what to shop for.

If that sounds like you, don’t worry. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a short list for you to refer to. That way, you can narrow down your search and start looking for the camper or RV that is ideal for you and your family.

Here are the different kinds of campers and RVs there are to choose from:

Retro Campers.

The nostalgia that comes with buying campers from the past is strong. The popular trend involves buying a derelict travel trailer, investing a lot of TLC in upgrading and furnishing it, and learning to live small for predetermined amounts of time. The most popular vintage campers are pulled behind a truck or other vehicle. Some do not have a bathroom or shower so camping in a location that has public restrooms and showers is essential.

Pop Up Campers.

A compact and economical option, this style of camper “pops up” from its stored condition to create a full-sized camper complete with furniture. Many people elect to buy pop up campers because they’re easy to store and travel with. Popups today are as stylish and trendy as retro campers thanks largely in part to websites such as Pinterest and Instagram where people share the spaces they live and camp in and the incredible ways they’ve chosen to decorate them.

Fifth Wheel.

This towed camper is large and requires a vehicle strong enough to pull it. It is hitched onto a truck in a similar fashion as a tractor-trailer. Luxurious on the inside and very similar to today’s home set-up with kitchen, bathroom, and even master bedrooms, this type of camper costs significantly more but provides accommodations for the entire family and brood of pets if you have them.

Class A, B or C.

A Class A motorhome is similar in size and appearance to a small bus. It is a motor vehicle and home in one as you don’t need to pull it with another vehicle. It can be driven and used to stay in. A Class B motorhome is slightly larger, also drivable, and can provide high-tech solutions for everyday living. People who spend a great deal of time camping often opt for this option because of the space and convenience it provides. A Class C motorhome is a camper that attaches to the frame and chassis of a truck by fitting over its bed. Some people opt for this style of camper because with this vehicle, it’s similar to a Class A motorhome in size and weight. It does, however, require a separate truck which some people buy at the same time they purchase the motorhome.

The camper or RV that you choose for yourself and your family says a lot about you. Choose one that best meets your needs and inspires your adventures. From tiny vintage campers to full-sized RV buses such as the ones used on tour by musicians and other entertainers, you’ve got options to choose from. Each will make your stay at Saco River Camping Area an experience that you never forget.