The Best Way to Stay Cool During the Hottest Camping Days of the Year

Summer is a wonderful time to camp because the warm weather allows for many enjoyable outdoor activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing. It does pose some challenges, however, because the most humid days leave you and your family feeling hot and sticky inside your tent. If you want to camp during the hottest months […]

5 Must-Have Comfort Items for Your Summer Camping Trip

Roughing it is all a figure of speech at today’s modern campground. Sure, the term can be used to describe primitive camping at campsites around the nation. It doesn’t necessarily apply to Saco River Camping Area, however, because we provide a long list of amenities for you to use during your stay. From laundry facilities […]

How to Stay Nice and Cool During the Hottest Camping Days of Summer

The dog days of summer can make camping challenging. When temperatures soar to triple digits, it may be very hard to stay cool when faced with such extreme heat. Thanks to a few tricks we’ve learned along the way, there are things you can do to increase your level of comfort while camping. Decide which […]