Roughing it is all a figure of speech at today’s modern campground. Sure, the term can be used to describe primitive camping at campsites around the nation. It doesn’t necessarily apply to Saco River Camping Area, however, because we provide a long list of amenities for you to use during your stay. From laundry facilities to a stocked Country Store, you have many ways to feel right at home while sleeping in a tent.

Summer Camping Comfort Essentials

To make it easier for you to pack, we’ve come up with a list that includes the five must-have comfort items for your summer camping trip. They are:

1. A sleeping pad.

Putting an extra layer between you and the ground ensures that you won’t get wet on those rainy nights at your campsite. It also makes sleeping on the floor of a tent more comfortable.

2. A quick-drying absorbent towel.

Choose one made of microfiber which dries immediately and can be laundered easily. Use our laundry facilities to freshen it up after a couple of days of use.

3. A wearable pocket fan.

Battery-operated with neck cord, it provides great relief on the hottest of days. Give one to each member of your family so they can beat the heat, too.

4. A noise machine app on a phone or tablet.

Drown out unwanted sounds so you can sleep better. Make sure you have a way to charge your electronic devices if you plan to let them run for hours, though.

5. Citronella for keeping the bugs away.

It’s a natural insect repellent. Plus, it smells great!

Every person is different. You may find your list of essentials different than ours. Feel free to modify it however you choose. Our suggestions take care of many of the basic needs of our campers which is why we thought they’d help you, too.

Buy What You Don’t Already Have at Home

Prepare for your next summer camping trip knowing that you have what you need to stay comfortable throughout your visit to Saco River Camping Area. Now that you know what puts you at ease while away from home, you can either purchase or bring items you already own with you. Anything that you do to make the experience better for yourself is highly recommended.