The dog days of summer can make camping challenging. When temperatures soar to triple digits, it may be very hard to stay cool when faced with such extreme heat. Thanks to a few tricks we’ve learned along the way, there are things you can do to increase your level of comfort while camping. Decide which offer the greatest relief for you and use them anytime you spend extended periods of time outdoors.

Here are some very effective ways to stay nice and cool despite how hot it is outside:

Invest in moisture-wicking fabrics.

They’ll help you stay cool. Breathable fabrics such as brushed cotton, hemp, and linen are best. They allow you to move freely without getting overheated.

Use cooling towels and bandanas to wear around your neck.

A blast of cool water on the neck feels great. The cloths are also in a location where you can access them easily. You can use them to wipe your brow and even dampen your hair.

Enjoy lots of cold foods opposed to hot ones.

You won’t cook and heat things up in your camping area. You’ll also bring your body temperature down by enjoying cooler foods such as salads, sandwiches, and cold pastas. Think picnic food that you can easily store with some ice or ice packs or no refrigeration at all.

Go swimming.

Take a quick dip in the water. It feels refreshing on the hottest of days. It gives you the chance to explore the area, too, to find the perfect spot to swim.

Stay nice and cool despite the hottest camping days of summer. You’ve now got a list of ideas to explore. Each helps you beat the heat so you can stay comfortable all day long. Even if the temperatures soar while you’re camping, you’re not forced to spend time inside your tent. Instead, you can enjoy everything Saco River Camping Area has to offer and create wonderful memories in process.